Dive Safety 120cm Surface Marker Buoy Pink

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Dive safely and be seen with this 1.2m x 18cm Dive Safety Marker Buoy. Made of strong 210 denier nylon with a rugged TPU coating, this high-visibility orange SMB is perfect for visibility above and below the water.


1. SMB in a high visibility color with clear block writing stating “Diver Below ”  .  

2. The SMB includes a padded valve cover and a weighted bottom to stabilize the safety.

3. The SMB can be filled at depth by holding the valve open and inflating it with your regulator mouthpiece while being purged or orally inflating the SMB. 

4. Made of strong Nylon TPU-coated material with a sealed Built-in Over Pressure Relief Valve which allows the tube to ascend without rupturing.

5. Can come with a diving reel or whistle for surface signalling in case of an emergency.

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